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The Complete Herbal Guide

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Babies, Toddlers, Tweens & Teens
Alternative medicine includes herbal remedies, teas, supplements, and acupuncture. Learn what the risks are and whether alternative therapies can help

How to take care of your teeth the right way

Natural Anti-Aging Secrets for Your Face From Around The World

The Top Natural Secrets for Great Hair From Around The World

Secret beauty maneuvers even naturally gorgeous girls (like yourself!) will love.

Whether or not you’re the manicure type, you’ll want to seek help when fingernails or toenails turn into eyesores. Here are some ways to get your nail

Discover the best-performing home remedies for skin care and anti-aging in these must-read articles. Each natural remedy has a very high success rate w

Everyday Solutions
Going green just got easier!

Cleaning & Organizing
Green cleaning & organization tips and advice

Detoxifying the Body
Learn how to detoxify your body and eliminate toxins

One of the best things you can do for your health is to commit to improving your fitness and physical activity. Learn how to develop a fitness program

Green Living
Find out what is Eco Green Living and why it is important. Also, learn tips on living a green lifestyle at home, at work and on holidays.

Health & Well-Being
Big News on Spiritual Development. Includes blogs, news, and community conversations about Spiritual Development.

Healthy Recipes
Trying to find healthy and delicious recipes? These healthy recipes will satisfy even the pickiest eaters while pleasing the whole family!

Heart Health
Natural remedies for a healthy heart – These natural remedies can help you keep your heart healthy naturally!

Home & Garden
Whether you have a vegetable garden, rose garden or weed garden, here is the best roundup of gardening tips and ideas that you’ve probably never tried

Marriage & Relationships
Relationship advises for couples ranging from topics how to deal with relationship stress to tips for improving a relationship.

Men Health
Your #1 resources for authoritative, expert-based advice on working out, including proven workouts and comprehensive instruction on hundreds of exercise

Prevent a trip to the vet with natural remedies for dogs that deal with everything from fleas to foxtails. Choose natural remedies to help them live

Positive Thinking
What is positive thinking? Positive thinking, or healthy thinking, is a way to help you stay well or cope with a health problem by changing how you think

Know what to expect during pregnancy and learn about pregnancy symptoms, nutrition, fitness, labor & delivery, week by week pregnancy information and more.

Quit Smoking
If quitting smoking were a breeze, then 44 to 46 million of us wouldn’t still be lighting up. The truth is that stopping is tough. And while there are

The Organic Truth
Use our facts and guide of the most important organic foods to make the healthiest choices for your family.

Natural remedies used to Heal the Body and Maintain Optimal Health Using Ayurvedic, naturopathy, herbal remedies, home remedies, natural remedies, food

Weight Loss
Get the latest information and advice on losing weight, including tips on healthy eating, workouts that target fat loss, weight loss trends to avoid a

Women Health
Unbiased health information on a variety of women’s health topics including pregnancy, menopause, breast cancer

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